Himalayan Pink Salt Grain


We are renowned wholesaler & global exporters of 100% natural Himalayan salt products including different shaped & sized Salt Lamps, Salt Tiles/Blocks, Cooking Slabs, Grilling Salt Plates, Bath Salt & SPA products, Edible Pink Salt, White Crystal Salt, and Black Salt. We have made a global reputation as a Himalayan Salt Supplier in Pakistan for having the finest quality products. So, whatever is your requirement, we can provide you a premium quality and elegant design at a competitive price. We offer edible Himalayan Pink Salt Grain for direct use in Kitchen & Customer table & Mart Shelf in private brandings. We select only edible salt without mixing of non-edible salt. Our Standard Packing like 500 gr, 1 kg Zip Pouch, 25 kg, 50 kg, Bulk Packing(1mt)


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